Monday, 1 October 2012

If it is October...

...then next month must be November!  Has 2012 flown for everyone, or just for us here at Odyssey Overland?  We aren't sure whether it is because we have been super busy with a couple of trips on the road and planning for more this year and in the future, or whether it is because we are just SO excited to be heading to South America for Odyssey's first expedition in South America, a place that we have been keen to get back to for a while now.  Either way, all we know is that it is now "next month" that we will be setting off from Buenos Aires at the start of our epic 27 week expedition through Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, and for those who want more, there is the option to join us for another 10 days in Uruguay.

For some of the group it will be their first visit to South America, for others, it will be a welcome return to this amazing and diverse continent.  With so much to see and do there are sure to be plenty of updates, and we will keep the photos and stories coming so that family, friends, Odyssey Overlanders and armchair travellers can follow our adventures!