Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fabulous Galapagos

The chance to live on a boat for 6 days cruising around the Galapagos Islands was anticipated by many to be one of the highlights of their South American Odyssey.  And judging from the smiles on the faces that returned, it more than lived up to those expectations!

An early morning flight from Quito to the islands, an action packed program of boat trips, beach landings and snorkelling, great guides, a comfortable boat, sunshine and warm weather, and of course the fantastic and unique wildlife for which the islands are so famous – what more could you want?

We’ll let the photos (just some of the thousands taken) speak for themselves…  Thanks to Steve & Karen, Sue, Tony, Anthony, Francois and Lisa for letting me show off their photos on here!

Group on cliffs
The "Darwin" group
Odyssey on the Galapagos
The islands
But first...  a quiz!  What animal is this?  (The answer is at the end of this blog)

Full pelican
What am I?
Albatross close up
Blue footed booby 5
Blue-footed Booby - attract their females by dancing, unfortunately the females are more interested in the colour of their feet when choosing a partner
Blue footed booby 4
Blue-footed Booby
Blue Footed Booby
Blue-footed Booby
Booby (2)
Nazca Booby
Male frigate bird
Male frigate bird in flight
Red-footed Booby
Blue-footed Booby
Nazca Booby
Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican
Pelican landing
Brown Pelican coming in to land
Oyster Catcher
American Oystercatcher
Oyster catchers
American Oystercatchers on patrol
Red eye gull 2
Swallow-tail Gull - the only bird to feed at night, thus avoiding competition from the frigate birds
Swallow Tail Gull Chick
Swallow-tail Gull and chick
white beaked one
Female frigate bird
Frigate Bird
Frigate in flight
Marine iguanas 4
Marine iguanas - special adaptations to their tails allow them to swim
Iguanas on beach

Iguana swimming
Marine iguana
Iguana 2
Land iguana - yellow colouration comes from the yellow flowers they eat
Land iguana 3
Iguana smug
A smug iguana...
Land iguana & flower
Omar Naturist Guide
Our nature guide
Boat trip

Boat ride 3

Colin & Jane
Jane & Colin
Terry & Lesley
Jeanne & Mikkel
Underwater Robin
Snorkelling Steve & Karen
Steve & Karen
Underwater turtle
Underwater fish 2
Fish (yellow-tailed surgeon fish to be more specific)
Schools of fish
Underwater fish 3
underwater fish
And more fish
Underwater ray
Eagle Ray
Underwater sea lion
Playful and curious sea lions
Underwater turtle 2
Our old friend the turtle again
Snorkelling Anthony
Sue & Lisa
Sea lions on the beach
Robin meets his match?
Sea lion & Jane
Sea lion 8

Sea lion 2

Sea lion 3
Sea lions & Lisa
Sea lion pup
Sea lions 5

Sue & Heather
Group with boat
Some of the group, with the boat in the background - Geoff, Karen, Steve, Terry, Ken, Heather, Robin & Lesley
Group on beach 4
On the beach
Darwin from Shore
The Darwin
The Encantada

A busy program!
Writing postcards at Post Office Bay - find one near you back home and take it with you to deliver!
Volcanic landscape

Crashing sea 2

Rays mating
Eagle Rays, mating in the surf
Crab 2
Sally Lightfoot Crabs
Sally proudfoot crabs tony

Sally proudfoot crabs 3

The famous Galapagos Tortoise
Sunrise, sunset, all stunning
Sunrise from Darwin

Photographer Tony
Tony - undecided as to which camera to use!
Photographer Lisa
Lisa going for the money shot
Photographer Steve
Steve in action

PS - the answer is...  a Brown Pelican with so much fish in its beak that it couldn't take off again!

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